Enjoy Italian Cuisine at Galletta’s

a pasta dish

When it’s Friday night and you are ending your work week with dinner out at one of the great restaurants in Leesburg, don’t overlook Gallettas, serving fresh pasta and Italian specialties. Nothing can beat fresh made pasta and the chefs at Gallettas pair it with several sauces to give you an Italian experience right here in Leesburg. If you are … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Hearty Lunch at South Street Under

ciabatta bread

South Street Under is one of those perky restaurants that never fails to hit just the right spot with their drinks, desserts, and meals. Famous for their Ciabatta bread, they combine a café atmosphere with the fresh, steaming goods of a bakery. Savor delectable pastries and satisfy your sweet tooth craving. The menu is quite impressive, offering a … [Read more...]

Make Plans for Dinner at Fire Works Pizza


What is it about food cooked in a woodstove that makes it so magical? Possibly it is the hearty warmth that emanates from the wood. It might be the texture of the logs and the wafts of smoke. Perhaps it is the nostalgia for old-fashioned, hand crafted food. In any case, there is hardly any food on the planet that can beat a wood-fired pizza. Imagine … [Read more...]

Have a Date Night at The Wine Kitchen

a glass of wine

Are you ready to have a date night? Has it been a while since you took your better half out for dinner? Why not have a date night at The Wine Kitchen. It is one of the finest restaurants in Leesburg, VA. This is a top of the line eatery and wine establishment. You and your date will bond with each other and the great people at the Wine Kitchen. Here … [Read more...]

Places to Get Chicken Wings in Leesburg, VA

Some of the best places to get chicken wings in Leesburg are close to the The Metropolitan at Village at Leesburg apartments.

There are plenty of excellent dining options near The Metropolitan at Village at Leesburg apartments, but if you're looking for something more casual, consider going out for some tasty chicken wings. Here are just a few places to get chicken wings in Leesburg: Manhattan Pizza Convenient to the community and family-friendly, Manhattan Pizza offers a … [Read more...]