Green Laundry Tips

Green Laundry TipsIf you’ve ever had to haul a pile of dirty laundry across town to a laundromat, you know that you will never want to live through that miserable experience again.  One of the major advantages to living in The Metropolitan at Village at Leesburg apartment community is that a washer and dryer are featured in every unit, making laundry a much easier chore.  We are advocates of green living in our community, and listed below are some helpful eco friendly laundry tips courtesy of TLC:

  • Wash one full load versus a few small loads.  This will make laundry day much easier as well as help to minimize the amount of water and energy needed to clean your clothes.
  • When possible, choose to wash your clothing in cold water as it uses less energy.  This also helps to prevent unwanted laundry errors such as dyed clothing.
  • Clean out the lint filter in your dryer after each load for maximum efficiency and to help eliminate the risk of a fire hazard.
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