5 Common bedroom decorating mistakes


Decorating your bedroom with furniture, nick-knacks, and artwork is an essential part of making the space your own. And if you truly want to personalize a bedroom, there's tons of apartment decorating tips floating around the Internet that can help out. To uplift a bedroom,¬†considering¬†what not to do may just lead you to a natural solution for your … [Read more...]

Register for swimming lessons at SwimKids

swimming lessons

Planning on spending a good part of the summer swimming with family and friends? Before heading to the pool at our Leesburg apartments, make sure everyone knows how to swim safely. SwimKids offers a variety of swimming classes in Leesburg VA. This top-notch, award-winning facility has been teaching kids and adults how to swim since 1996. Some of the … [Read more...]

4 Unique ways to revamp an apartment patio this spring


Do you like to get outdoors, watch the sun set/rise, listen to birds chirping and breathe in the fresh spring air? If so, you'll enjoy renting our apartments with patios in Leesburg, VA. Each rental space features a private patio, where you can grow fruits and vegetables, get lost in a good book or simply sit and watch the world go by! Should you want … [Read more...]

A guide to quickly spring clean a bathroom


Not everyone has the time to clean their apartment, nor does everyone have the funds to hire a professional cleaner. If your rental space is looking a little disheveled, fear not, because with our apartment cleaning tips,you can oust odors and banish bacteria. The bathroom is an area where germs thrive and if you have 15 minutes to spare, you can try … [Read more...]

Go hiking at Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park this spring

Source: Pixabay

Hiking in Leesburg, VA is a popular activity among many residents at our community, because it is an enjoyable pastime that offers an opportunity to admire the surrounding landscape. What's more, you could burn 500 calories per hour! If you have your hiking essentials ready, such as boots, a bag and sunblock, visit Red Rock Wilderness Overlook … [Read more...]